Having a Hard Time with Finding Simple 3 Bedroom House Plans? You Might Want to Check the Plan We Got For You

Having a Hard Time with Finding Simple 3 Bedroom House Plans? You Might Want to Check the Plan We Got For You

Looking for some information on simple 3 bedroom house plans? If you are, then you have arrived at the right article. A small house is very necessary for this age, but if you have the money and the space, why not go all out and make a 2 story house? Not only two-story houses are more spacious than the 1 story houses, it is definitely better in many aspects. 2 story houses project a ‘royal’ feeling. Yes, it is harder to clean, but it looks better than a house that only got a single floor.

Sure you can find a lot of 1200 sq ft house plans out there on the internet (1200 Sq. Ft. is considered small for many people), but not all of them are good plans. Some are even worthless, and some are even a heck more expensive than they should be. Time and money are two commodities that people cannot lose at the moment, and by getting a bad house plan, you will definitely lose the two things.

That is why we want to introduce a house plan that will fulfil all of your wishes. Not only the plan is simple, it is small enough to not take that many spaces while also being filled with things that every house should need. It is a ranch house, so this house fits the suburbs area perfectly. Might not fit the downtown area that much, but your life is your choice.

What of the room composition?

Unlike the many other houses, this one is a 1 story house. Even if the house only got one floor, it fits a lot of rooms. It got 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room, 2 rooms that you can use for your bathing session, a laundry room, a storage room, and enough spaces for you to store two cars. Definitely the right plan for you if you got more than one cars. If you do not have cars, you can turn the garage into utility rooms if you like.  

Why is this a good plan?

Because of how compact it is! It takes about 1232 Sq. Ft., but it can hold 3 bedrooms AND two cars. That is what a smartly-designed house looks like. While you can surely find a lot of other single story 3 bedroom 2 bath house plans, you would not find one that can fit not only one but 2 cars. Certainly one of the best out of the many simple 3 bedroom house plans that you can choose.

Here is the sample design of simple 3 bedroom house plans :

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