Modern House Floor Plans: Breaking Down the 1207 Sq. Ft. House Plan

Modern House Floor Plans Breaking Down the 1207 Sq. Ft. House Plan

Say what you want to find the right plan from the many modern house floor plans you got out there. Perhaps you have read that article that talks about the 1200 sq ft house plans and you want to dig deeper into the details. If you are, then this article here will be something that you would appreciate. This article here will give you the detail of the house floor plan (more specifically the 1207 sq.ft. house plan listen on the aforementioned article) you are looking for.

Because time is such an important commodity for us all, it would be better for us to begin talking about the plan in detail. Here is the breakdown of the house in question:

The general idea modern house floor plans

In short, the house got two separate levels: the first floor and the second-floor. The usage for these floors is simple as well. The first floor is where you want to keep your guests in while the second-floor is the floor where you can have that respite you are looking for (which makes this design no different from the other two-story house plans with master on the second-floor). It got 2 rooms where you can use as a bedding room, 2 rooms that act as the bathrooms, 2 living rooms (because one living room is never enough), a balcony, an area that is designated as the kitchen, anda dining room. A pretty smart design considering that it can fit a whole lot of those into a 1200 square feet house.

Breaking the design down and how should the design be used

Having to bedrooms would mean that this design is perfect for a small family of 3 or even 4 people. 1200 square feet houses are small, after all, so do not expect this house to fit more than 4 people. You can cram 5 people in there, but it is not a very recommended thing to do. 4 is the magic number when it comes to this design, so better turn away from it if you got a family of 5 or more.

The bathrooms are spread around the first and the second-floor, so you or your guests do not need to run upstairs if both of you are hearing the call of nature. All of the bedrooms are located on the second-floor alongside a single living room. The rest of the rooms (the kitchen, the dining room, and the balcony) are all fitted on the first floor. Definitely something simpler when compared to the other modern house floor plans you can find.

Sampe design :

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