Tiny House Plans with Loft, Great Floor Plans For Your House-to-be

Tiny House Plans with Loft, Great Floor Plans For Your House-to-be

Are you looking for tiny house plans with loft? Have you tried on how to draw you on house plans but it did not work? No need to worry, drawing house plans is not an easy thing to do indeed. Instead,  we offer you several tiny house plans which you can choose. These plans come up with various both interior and exterior design. As the plans are about the tiny house, below are listed the house plans under 800 square ft. The list includes the small house floor plans under 500 sq ft

780 sqft house plan

This house plan is perfect for you if you are looking for a house which is not too big or too small. Due to its dimension and width, the house only has one story. Moreover, the house has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. In addition, the living area is quite big for a tiny house plan. The main bedroom is placed parallel to the living area so that the best view of open lots can be seen. This design is a compact yet comfortable lifestyle. This house plan is also suited for a vacation home.

400 sqft house plan

This house plan has a private bedroom, a full kitchen, and a bathroom. They are situated next to each other. Though the house plan seems small, it is big enough to bring a friend over. The living area, dining room, and kitchen are in the same space. It is a good plan if you want to have a lot of interaction during cooking. The outdoor spaces are covered porch on the rear and a porch on the side. This plan is also good for you if you are looking for house plans for narrow lots.

312 sqft house plan

This is another one of tiny house plans with loft. This plan is suited for people who want to live alone and do not want to have rooms in their house. It is because this plan only has one main living area. The main room fulfills the functions of a normal house in one room. The features include in the main room are a fireplace, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The solar panels can be placed on the roof because of its flat roof. In addition, the plan also has a peaked roof option.

With these plans, you surely have enough options to choose which tiny house plans with loft you would like to use.

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