5 Organization Lessons – Tiny House Plans under-1000 sq. ft.

5 Organization Lessons – Tiny House Plans under-1000 sq. ft.

Tiny house plans under 1000 sq. ft. are basically not too tiny. But things could be different if you are living with your roommates or even with other family members. You would find it a bit overwhelming to store the items all the household members have. In this article, we are going to share the organization tips if you are living in a tiny house.

  • Vertical space

The first thing you need to adopt if you consider living in the house plans for narrow lots is utilizing the vertical space. You definitely cannot go wide so you need to go up instead. A higher bookshelf on the wall might be a good idea to store your books and display your favorite items. Also, if you do not have space to store your guitar or bags, you might consider hanging it on the wall. Vertical space makes the eyes consider space is larger.

  • Open shelves

How much do architects charge for house plans? Regardless of that, you need to consider installing open shelves. The doors on the cabinets will take up some space in your home. Meanwhile, open shelves will allow you to store and take the items without taking up more room by opening and closing the door. Also, you may want to stay organized since the guest could see anything on the shelves.

  • Unexpected spaces

There is an app you can use for house plans with free cost to build estimates, which now you may need to consider where to store your other things. Unexpected space in your home might be the best place to store other things and items in your home. The space under the stairs could be the place where you put your bookshelf or laundry.

  • Multi-purpose furniture

When you are living in a small house, you might need the presence of multi-purpose furniture pieces. Think about an ottoman that also serves as hidden storage or a coffee table that could be your working desk. This type of furniture will save space while accommodating all your needs.

  • Every space is storage

A small yet tiny house will require a lot of creativity when it comes to defining the storage. So, if you have storage then you need to use every bit of it wisely. For example, a free side of the wall in your kitchen can be utilized as utensil holders and many more. You can just add hooks on the wall. And this is the end of tiny house plans under 1000 sq. ft.

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