two story house plans with balconies

Tips to Make Simple Two-Story House Plans Stylish


Simple two story house plans are suitable for small families. This kind of house plans is also preferred by modern people who live in metropolitan cities, where lands are getting rare. Though it is simple, it does not mean you cannot make your simple 2 floors house plans look stylish. With these tips, your house will never be out of style. Geometric Details For you who love attractive g...

Various Types of Two Story House Plans


Two story house plans which are comfy and minimalist are a dream of many people. A house with 2 floors is quite spacious so that it can accommodate some family members. This 2 story house plans are available in various types, including 2 stories 1200 sq ft house plans that are pretty minimalist. Below are other types of 2-floor house plans that can be your references. 2 Floor House Type 36...