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Small House Plans with Garage Ideas


Small house plans with garage are important for you who have vehicles or are going to have one. A garage is not only a place to park and protect your vehicle but it can also be an attraction of architecture. When a garage is integrated into the whole design of a house, it can bring the house to the next level. This is why a garage should not be forgotten even the house is small. Here are some...

Some Small House Plans with Basement for Your Dream House


Reading this article, you will find small house plans with basement. If you are wondering about how to find floor plans of a house, no need to wonder anymore. This article provides you with several plans for your dream house. Basement is included in house plans listed below. It is because that basement is important if you do not want to have three stories house but still want to have several ...

The Open Floor Plan: Small House Plans with Pictures


Small house plans with pictures might be something you are looking for right now. Small houses are suitable for you who live on your own without other family members or you might be living with your roommate. The open floor plan will give a lot of benefits to small houses. Talking about the structure, the open floor plan relies on the heavy-duty beam to bring the load from upstairs. This h...