8 car garage house plans

Designing a New Garage for 3 Car Garage House Plans


3 car garage house plans seem like not a common plan. However, the trend always shows that houses need to be bigger and bigger from time to time. In this article, we have some ideas related to creating or designing a new garage. A bigger garage could help the homeowner to accommodate more vehicles in it. Which one is better: attached or detached garages? Most houses we have seen through...

4 Car Garage House Plans Design


For those who have a very big family or love to collect cars, must have a problem in finding 4 car garage house plans. Of course, when you have so many cars, you need to secure your cars by putting them inside the garage. For a safety reason, you just want the garage to be attached to the house. In this case, you at least need land or house bigger than 1000 sq ft house plans. In this article,...