1500 square foot house cost

Finding The Best 1500 Sq Ft House Plans


1500 Sq Ft House Plans - Looking for best modern 1500 sq ft house plans 2 story Indian style? 4 bedrooms? 3 bedrooms? in kerala? without garage? with basement? If you have difficulty in building your house, finding 1500 sq. ft. house plans is the best answer for your difficulty. It is true that if you build your house with your own ideas, it will become unique and different. However, if you ...

2 Bedroom House Plans under 1500 sq. ft. – How to Decorate Attic Bedrooms


When you only have 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sq. ft. then you might need to work a little bit so space would not look cramped. Creating a bedroom in the attic could be an idea to be considered. Here, we have the tips and tricks to decorate the attic for a bedroom instead just for a place to store unused items in the house. Assess the space Measuring anything is really important e...