Some Small House Plans with Basement for Your Dream House

Some Small House Plans with Basement for Your Dream House

Reading this article, you will find small house plans with basement. If you are wondering about how to find floor plans of a house, no need to wonder anymore. This article provides you with several plans for your dream house. Basement is included in house plans listed below. It is because that basement is important if you do not want to have three stories house but still want to have several rooms and living areas in your house. The plans listed are 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sqft.

1200 sqft house plan

This house plan is like a modern house plan but with a simple rectangle in plan. The house is two stories tall and has a lower floor in this plan. There are two bedrooms and each is located on the upper floor and the lower floor of the house. The main floor has a main room for living and dining area. There is also a home office are on the upper floor for the private area next to the master bedroom. In addition, the house plan also has a two-car garage. No need to worry about where to park your cars. In addition, the front and screen porch provide spaces to enjoy outdoor. Moreover, the interior materials are well chosen to provide healthy indoor air quality

1280 sqft house plan

This plan has different floor plans despite the almost same square feet of the previous house plans. This plan is like small cottages which can be found in UK and France. Unlike the previous plan which has the master bedroom on the upper floor, this house plan places the master bedroom, the main room, and the home office on the main floor. The laundry room is also situated on the main floor. The upper floor can be used as a reading room, exercise room, or any other hobby room. The other bedroom is put on the lower floor. This small house plans with basement also have a garage to park up to two cars. In addition, the roof has spaces for solar panels. It is good if you are into energy efficient thing. Although the house plan is great for you and your family, it is also suited for a vacation house. The design is attractive enough for the holidaymaker to make them stay.

No need to worry about finding house plans for your own house or your investment of vacation houses. The plans listed is also house plans for narrow lots. This small house plans with basement are good for taking into your consideration.

Here is some sample design :

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