How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen in Small House Plans Under 1000 sq. ft.

How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen in Small House Plans Under 1000 sq. ft.

When you only have small house plans under 1000 sq. ft. and decided to live in it then you will need to adjust anything inside your house. The kitchen is just one thing you need to consider since it will be the place you do a lot of things. Sky-high cabinets paired with mirrored backsplashes would be a nice touch for your kitchen. So, here are our useful tips for your tiny kitchen in the 2 bedroom tiny house plans.

Take a chair

Since your kitchen might be pretty small with limited space, you may not have a breakfast nook in your kitchen. But you can always be creative by setting up a counter bar from some space. This will be a nice spot to grab your breakfast in the morning. For a cozier vibe, you may add a rug with a warm pattern on it.

Store things vertically

Once you get how to get floor plans for a house that could accommodate your needs, you will also need to think about the storage organization. So, if there is space between the ceiling and the cabinets, you can use it as the place to store your items.

To make it looks prettier and more organized then you can add some wicker baskets. Those baskets would be the perfect place to store items that you rarely use. Other than that, you already add a functional item as a décor good as well.

Narrow down

This step is more into a self-assessment. You may like to have a lot of things shown in your kitchen. Some people consider the function of the item but some of them only take it as the decorative element.

So, do you really need those bowls or glasses in your kitchen? In order to maximize your space, you need to narrow down your kitchen items. Make it as minimum as possible so you will know how much space you actually have in your tiny kitchen. This plan can also be applied to the house plans with a view to the front.

White is never wrong

When you use white, anything will appear brighter. This is a good thing when it comes to limited space especially the kitchen. So, keeping anything white will help you to make the impression of a minimalist spot. Later, you can put some pop colors by adding your serving ware for the decorative element. This is the end of kitchen tips for small house plans under 1000 sq. ft.