Home Remodeling Tips for 4 Bedroom House Plans

Home Remodeling Tips for 4 Bedroom House Plans

Remodeling a house with 4 bedroom house plans might need a touch on the design and style. A ranch house style would be suitable if the plan is not too big. The main feature of this house plan is the open floor. You can always give the modern touch on several parts and it will include the custom cabinetry, hidden outlets, built-in bench, and so on.

Some people find it that 1500 sq ft house plans could be too small if you want to give several rooms in it. It makes the available space for the kitchen becomes smaller and smaller. So, here are the things you can do to maximize the house with the ranch house style.

Open floor plan for kitchen and living area

This is like the right time for you to stop thinking that a kitchen is an isolated area. When it comes to the modern style (even if the ranch house style is not too modern), you may need to make all rooms in the house with the open floor. Removing the walls between the living room and kitchen will allow the homeowners to have a better view from the kitchen. But where can I find floor plans for my house? Your architect might help you to do this part.

Adopt the 50s ranch style

The ranch house style in the 50s features various interesting decorating ideas. The one thing that holds the most timeless popularity is its birch cabinet front. The color and style of the original cabinet door complement the simple millwork but it still looks really chic and nice. You can buy the custom cabinetry so you can decide the style you want. How to find original floor plans of my house can be done through the internet for the first step.

Custom and modern features

To complete the ranch house style in your property, you try to put cork flooring in your kitchen. This feature boosts the vibe of the 50s and 60s. Other than that, the cork flooring is a sustainable product for housing. It feels soft on feet and it keeps the warmth as well. This is why you will never go wrong with cork flooring in the kitchen. Cork flooring is available in several options and you may choose the one the suits your house and kitchen character. Anything you want to choose is better to be consulted with the architect or designer in the first place to make the perfect 4-bedroom house plans.

Here is the sample design :