Various Types of Two Story House Plans

Various Types of Two Story House Plans

Two story house plans which are comfy and minimalist are a dream of many people. A house with 2 floors is quite spacious so that it can accommodate some family members. This 2 story house plans are available in various types, including 2 stories 1200 sq ft house plans that are pretty minimalist. Below are other types of 2-floor house plans that can be your references.

2 Floor House Type 36

Even though it has limited areas, 2-floor house plan type 36 is designed for simple and modern families. This type of house is a development of minimalist 1-floor house plans with a ground floor area of 36 square meters, while the second floor can vary according to the needs of the householders. But generally, the second floor is not as spacious as the ground floor. Two floor house type 36 is a perfect solution if you are going to have a new family member. Various choices of room layouts are still needed in this house plan.

Besides spacious and provide wide spaces for the householders, two floor house type 36 is preferred by a lot of people because the price is pretty affordable. It is very suitable for those who live a modern living in this urban era.

2 Floor House Type 45

2-floor house type 45 is similar to the type 36 one, but the size of each room is designed to be wider so that it feels more spacious. You are able to search for 2 story house plans with wrap around porch if you want to add a patio or terrace in your house. Two floor house type 45 is a development of one floor house with a ground floor area of 45 square meters. While the second floor can vary according to the needs of the residents. In order to make this type of two floor house looks more attractive, both minimalist interior and exterior designs are needed. The main characteristic of this house plan is its excellence in design that makes every corner of 2 floors can function even the area is small.

Just like two floors house type 36, the type 45 one is also quite affordable. Moreover, it gives larger spaces for the householders to comfortably do their activities.

Look for free house plans and designs with cost to build on the internet if you want more detailed two story house plans.

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