Simple One Story House Plans for Minimalist House

Simple One Story House Plans for Minimalist House

Simple one story house plans are getting more preferred by a lot of people nowadays. It is because, in this modern era, land prices and house prices are very pricey. So that many people prefer to have a minimalist house instead of the big and fancy one. Even it is not really spacious, a minimalist house is still functional and comfortable. Moreover, this type of house is more suitable for a small family. Modern people today realize that is more practical. This is in accordance with the modern living concept that wants practicality more than an elegance that is only seen from the outside.

There are several minimalist house plans that can be chosen, including small modern house plans under 1000 sq ft. Those minimalist house plans are:

  1. A minimalist house with one bedroom only. However, this kind of minimalist house is quite rare to find because it is for those who are still single and live alone.
  2. A minimalist house with 2 bedrooms. It is the type of minimalist house that is mostly available. This house is available in various vastness and price options that can be chosen.
  3. A minimalist house with 3 bedrooms. This type of minimalist house is designed for those who need more rooms and more spacious house area.

2 bedroom 1200 sq ft house plans are suitable for a small family. Besides 2 bedrooms, this house plan is also completed with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. 2 bedrooms are the master bedroom and smaller bedroom that can be used for kids bedroom or guest bedroom. If you want that is more practical, you can choose 1200 sq ft house plans 3 bedrooms. This kind of minimalist house plan is quite spacious and also completed with a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. 3 bedrooms minimalist house plans are also available on 2 floors.

For those who are still single, minimalist house plans with only one bedroom can be an option. This house plan consists of only one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Even though it is small, the area is large enough can be maximally used. Moreover, the price of a minimalist house with 1 bedroom is more affordable than other minimalist houses. You are able to draw the house plans on your own or hire an architect or an interior designer in order to help you make dreamy simple one story house plans.

Sample design of simple one story house plans :

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