Design Tips and Features: Modern House Plans with Photos

Design Tips and Features: Modern House Plans with Photos

Modern house plans with photos are what people look for. It seems that people are difficult to imagine without looking at the picture in the first place. But we must agree that design stands on an important ground for a house. Other than for a shelter, home is supposed to give a comfy living towards the owners.

Modern design

Modern designs have some distinctive looks and one of them is the simplicity. Since the lines are so simple, it is important to pick the right colors and play with textures. Nowadays, you can play with various styles and lines in order to create a nice design for your house. Other than how to get floor plans for a house, we will give you some tips and features you can use to plan your modern house.

The design

Functions are the base of modern houses. Other than minimalism, the modern house also lets the technology involves in the design. When it comes to the term of technology, the house will feature several stereotypical glasses, steel, and concrete looks. Most modern houses also show a streamlined yet smooth look.

The function

As we have mentioned earlier, a modern house puts the function on its first list. This is why you need to consider every function since this part is so important. So, before you consider things you want, you need to find out things that you need. A good modern house will make things work between your taste, profession, and lifestyle. The thing you need to make sure make the house as functional as possible in your 1500 sq ft house plans.

The colors

Designing a modern house, you cannot stay away from the color selection. Neutral colors always steal the spotlight and you need to pair it with bold yet bright accents. Pastel colors do not seem so common in modern designs for houses. It does not mean that you must stick with certain color palettes. The most important thing is that you choose the colors that could complement each element in the house even for house plans with a view to the front.

Textures and Patterns

Textures and patterns are the only things you can play with but you cannot skip the clean lines either. The ideal textures and patterns for modern house design include abstracts, geometric, strips, and also solids. Animal prints are applicable but you cannot put laces and ruffles inside the design. And these things need to be considered when you see modern house plans with photos.

Here is the sample design of modern house plans with photos :