The Open Floor Plan: Small House Plans with Pictures

The Open Floor Plan: Small House Plans with Pictures

Small house plans with pictures might be something you are looking for right now. Small houses are suitable for you who live on your own without other family members or you might be living with your roommate. The open floor plan will give a lot of benefits to small houses.

Talking about the structure, the open floor plan relies on the heavy-duty beam to bring the load from upstairs. This house will not put the load on its interior walls. Other than that, the sense of openness is aesthetically filling the room along with a better traffic flow that will be very suitable in house plans for narrow lots.

The configurations of open floor plans

Even though the name makes the impression of a connection between all rooms in the house, in fact, not all rooms are connected for sure. It also does not mean that barrier will never present as well. This floor plan type has specific configurations to make sure the traffic flow runs smoothly without sacrificing the comfort in the home. You can apply this floor plan in 3-bedroom-2-bath 1200 sq. ft. house plans with configurations such as:

  • Kitchen – dining room – living room. Those rooms can be connected in the largest area in the home;
  • Living room and dining room;
  • Kitchen and dining room.

The advantages of open floor plans

Open floor plans allow the homeowners to get a better traffic flow. It also improves the communication and sociability between the household members. Since each room is connected, both rooms can share the light through the windows. When you already live with kids, you will need higher flexibility to watch your kids and this floor plan will work really well.

On the other hand, it also improves the value of your property since the open floor plan is desirable from time to time. Also, it provides the flexibility for the layout since there are no partition walls. Besides, the room will be multifunction even though you put the 2-bedroom-2-bath 1200 sq. ft. house plans.

The disadvantages of open floor plans

However, it could increase the bill to manage the room temperature. Besides, it costs higher than the traditional house with walls. Since several rooms are connected without interior walls, the sound control becomes poorer as well. Without a good arranging skill, you might have a cluttered home in the end. And open floor plans might not be suitable if you want to have more privacy. This is also the last part of small house plans with pictures.

The sample design of small house plans with pictures :