2 Bedroom House Plans with Open Floor Plan Ideas

2 Bedroom House Plans with Open Floor Plan Ideas

2 bedroom house plans are quite common nowadays. This type of house plan is also suitable for a small family or roommates. However, you may need to consider using the open floor plans to create a better traffic flow in the home. Other than that, the unique house plans with open floor plans will allow you to get so many benefits about sharing and living without barriers. Here we have some ideas to create a home with open floor plans.

Symmetry is good

The easiest way to get rid of the expansive space is by creating a balanced appearance with bigger furniture pieces. Double sofas for a cozy seating area paired with a big dining table with chairs would give a nice symmetrical look in the room. To put the contrast in the room, you may bring in the trunk and desk with a rustic look. Also, do not forget about the color palette. It should be natural and neutrals, which will help you to bring in the airy, light vibe in the 2 bedroom 2 bath house plans.

Practical spaces

Open floor plans are suitable if you have limited space in the house but you want to make every room works accordingly. Besides, this type of floor plan will bring all the rooms in the house close together. The open kitchen would be a perfect spot for gathering. However, you might not have a proper arrangement for classic dining set in the kitchen.

In this case, you may want to take advantage of the island in the kitchen for your daily dining activity. Other than that, you can equip the dining area with barstools along with some chairs and sofas. You can always play with bold colors and patterns as long as it complements the whole room. This arrangement might also work in the house plans with walkout basement at back.

A cozy corner

Open floor plans allow you to be really creative with every space in the house especially if you need to create a spot for a specific function. For example, if you want to create a nook with greeneries then you may install the double windows walls to show a huge amount of light. Do not forget to put some pots with flowers and leaves in it. Also, this spot will be so perfect for a dining area with the perpendicular flow. Again, having the open floor plans in the home will create a cozy space even with 2 bedroom house plans.

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