1 Bedroom House Plans: The Pros and Cons of Small Houses

1 Bedroom House Plans: The Pros and Cons of Small Houses

1 bedroom house plans do not always mean that the house would small. However, small houses offer various benefits for the homeowners and occupant. In this article, we are going to show you things you will be experiencing by living in a small house. Besides, this article is based on the experts’ point of view.

Small living ups and downs

Small houses or house plans for narrow lots make people wonder on how the occupants could live happily in it. Many people agreed that living in a small house made them relaxed more. Other than that, it was easy to maintain the space cleans like always.

However, some people felt that a small house did not support to host guests. They also found it difficult to store their items. For people who love to cook or have a workspace, a small house does not support that kind activity especially if they need a larger space. How to find original floor plans of my house?

Where to store your stuff

You basically can make your own house plans online for free. But if you want to have a small house with a great traffic flow then you need to leave it to your architect. Besides, small houses will only give you limited space.

Storing things becomes one of the difficult things that make the homeowners must be creative enough. Most people who live in the small house store their items outside the main building. The garage is the most popular room where the homeowners store their stuff. If they have a basement then they will keep the items in the basement. Some of them also find the back yard really useful for storing things since the main house could not take it anymore.

Why buying small houses

Most people would say that they bought a small house because they could not afford the bigger one and other reasons related to the budgetary. But of course, the size does not define your happiness for sure. On the other hand, a small house requires the lesser cost for maintenance.

According to a survey, some people bought a small house because they did not need a bigger house. So, the decision is definitely up to you whether you want to buy a small house or not. However, we agree that small houses can be interesting and more open when you have the right 1 bedroom house plans.

Here is the samples design of 1 bedroom house plans: