Building Rustic House Plans with Wrap Around Porch

Building Rustic House Plans with Wrap Around Porch

Utilizing the empty area around the outside of your house will add some aesthetic values. The rustic house plans with wrap around porch will make the empty space looks amazing. Aside from that, there are several benefits if you have a wrap around porch applied on your house such as used for a hang-out and relax place, the area for your children to play, or as a rainwater holder. Here are things to consider when building house plans with wrap around porch.

Building fences along with the porch

A house with a modern concept usually utilizes a beautiful wrap around porch. Have one story house plans with wrap around porch are probably the safest bet for you, especially if you also love to have a small to medium size house. If you plan to have a single story house, this means that you will have to search for the right house plans with master bedroom on first floor.

To further enhance the wrap around porch, you can try to fence it with wall, wood, or iron fences. The goal of fencing the porch is to make the design of your house is more elegant. If you use the porch area for your family to play, the fence will also act as a safety barrier so that your children won’t go too far from the house.

Applying the fence will make your house more attractive and the value will rise a little bit. Another option as the material of the fence is to use natural stones. This will emphasize a unique look in your house. But, the cost might be expensive so you should consider your budget too.

Make the porch higher than the ground

Designing the house plans with wrap around porch and open floor plan is usually better if you elevate the porch a little bit higher than the ground. In addition, you can use the lower level as a swimming pool area or garden, which will make your house a little bit fancy and at the same time, have a more natural and spacious look.  

Decorating the porch

Don’t forget to decorate the rustic house plans with wrap around porch with various rustic-themed decoration and furniture available on the market. The decoration is necessary especially if the porch connect your front and back part of your house. You can add a garden around the house to give a more natural look. Planting green grass or plants to retain the fresh look on your house is also a good choice.

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