Building Ranch Style House Plans with Wrap Around Porch

Building Ranch Style House Plans with Wrap Around Porch

Having ranch style house plans with wrap around porch might be your best option considering the location and your preference. There are certain conditions that make a house is identical to a ranch house. Having a wrap around porch also goes well with a ranch style house.

Have two master bedrooms

Two master bedrooms are the common characteristic of a ranch house. This can be utilized if you have more adults in the house. Also, the placement of it should be on a different side or level to emphasize privacy. Inside the bedroom, usually, there are walk-in closets, bathroom, and the bed area.

The two master bedrooms design in your house plans with wrap around porch will be ideal if you live with the other adults, maybe your parents or your roommate. This design can be applied if you want to live and share the bill so you will have an easier time in adjusting your budget for other things. These two bedrooms are also ideal for those who live with older people so you can take care of them without having difficulties.

Wings for a spacious house

Utilizing nature is the highlight of common ranch style house plans with wrap around porch. Separation is needed between the available sleeping spaces. The wings can be used to place the two master bedrooms for maximum privacy. In addition, you can design the other rooms such as dining room, kitchen, and living room according to your preference. You can design those rooms based on the need of your family members. In general, the wings will generate more space and it is usually an ideal design for single story house plans with wrap around porch.

Have an interesting shape

Interesting shape for your ranch house floor plans with wrap around porch will never make you and the other family members bored. The common ranch house usually has a straight design. But, with the wings and front porch in mind, you can play with the design. For example, you can put common areas such as kitchen, dining room, and living room on the right wing and bedrooms on the left wing,

Using wrap around porch

Ranch style house plans with wrap around porch should be designed properly. The wrap around porch should be a level higher than the ground for a better look. Also, fencing the entire porch could add more aesthetical value to your house. Another important thing is to decorate the porch based on the general theme of the house. So, you can put various ranch-related decorations around the porch.

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