Why Ranch House Plans Are Rarely Equipped with Basement

Why Ranch House Plans Are Rarely Equipped with Basement

If you are looking for ranch house plans with basement, you need to prepare yourself and you will have to work pretty hard to get one. Well, ranch houses are definitely different from 2 bedroom 2 bath house plans and they are also a bit difficult to find outside the United States. Well, some of the houses which follow this kind of style can be a bit small when it comes to overall size, but some might have a considerably large size. Well, what is the definition of a ranch house?

What a ranch house really is

Now, let us discuss the correct definition of a ranch-style house. When looking at the design, you might wonder why it is built of one story only at all times- there are no ranch houses which have multiple stories. This kind of house can be found easily when you are in the area of the US and it is more commonly found in the southern areas. Most ranch houses have a design which takes inspiration from u shaped house plans with central courtyard, but omitting the courtyard can be done as well and some people choose to do so. Some of them are ranch house plans with wrap around porch since these look more traditional.

The history

When it comes to history, you can say that the design is more or less inspired by the Spaniards who came to America to colonize. Although they left, their design remains and the Americans use it to build their houses. Well, this house was actually pretty popular among ranchers- people who work by raising livestock and horses, hence the design’s name and its name was firstly heard during the 1920’s, the age where farming was so popular around the US as mid century modern ranch style house plans. It was extremely popular in 1950’s when the government imposed cheap land taxes and you can build houses as large as possible. Its popularity, however, became less popular after the 1970’s when the population started to be crowded and people started to build more multiple story buildings.

Why it rarely has basements

Well, ranch house plans with basement are so rare to be found, just like previously mentioned. Also, as mentioned earlier, ranch houses are usually built with one story and the houses rarely go beyond that. The reason why it is difficult to find a ranch house with a basement available is that the design of the house was based on simplicity and crude design. Then, the one-story only became a principal philosophy when you are building a ranch house. Now, you understand why ranch house plans with basement are rare!