Tips and Idea of U Shaped House Plans

Tips and Idea of U Shaped House Plans

U shaped house plans are very unique and rare. It is perfect for you who want to have an attractive house. A central garden is really suitable to be placed in the middle area of U shaped house so that every room in the house has a great view of the central garden. The use of neat line pattern spaces, minimal room decorations, and incorporation of functional elements into the structure will make the house has a simple nuance. It is a great idea for you who admire Japanese style. Because a simple nuance is identical to Japanese historical architecture.

The entrance of the house leads to a simple aisle, where a big framed window is placed. The big framed window is directly connected to the central garden in the U shaped house. On the right side, there is a 2 story room that consists of the main living room and a bedroom above. The living room in these U shaped house plans with central courtyard is openly designed around a fireplace that separates a family room with a kitchen, and dining room on another side.

On the left side from the entrance, a living room is placed. Its layout and proportion use tatami arrangement with an appropriate size. The living room combines traditional elements with modern minimalist aesthetics. This room is also partly covered with the traditional Washi paper, including a wall that can be pulled to give access to the central garden. Besides wooden structures and traditional Washi paper, this house plan uses natural materials in order to create an environmentally friendly and healthier environment.

Tips to Make U Shaped House Plans

Making house plans with U shape is quite tricky because it is very unique. So that you need some tips to make one.

  1. Find references from media. You can go to bookstores and find magazines or tabloids which are related to house designs. You are also able to find one on the internet about U-shaped 1200 sq ft house plans and find the best one that meets your taste.
  2. Visit property exhibitions. If there is a property exhibition in the area where you live, do not doubt to visit it. Collect some brochures offered and look if there are any house plans that attract your attention. For example, U shaped house plans with pool in middle.

Those are the idea and tips of U shaped house plans. And here is the sample design :