Things to Consider in House Plans for Narrow Lots

Things to Consider in House Plans for Narrow Lots

House Plans for Narrow Lots – It is indeed really confusing when we must deal with the modern small house plans for narrow lots with detached, rear, side, 2 car, 3 car garage or on waterfront, lake, coastal living. It is due to the perspective that the narrow land may limit us to realize the expected home. Undeniably, you must think more deeply to make your small and narrow land look stunning and spacious with many rooms. But sure, it is very possible. There are even many ideas of the house plans designed for the narrow lots. What are they and how to apply them? Read some points and explanations below.

Create the Plans Accurately for House Plans for Narrow Lots

You should not think about a large land must be used to build a big house also. Actually, it is much better if you can plan and build the house effectively. Even with the large land around, you can only create the small house floor plans under 500 sq ft. That’s why; there is no reason to be jealous of them who have the larger land than yours.

Before creating the plans, you should know your necessities well. It is including how many people in the house will be, how many necessary rooms to have, and others. In fact, the big and spacious house is not always comfortable to live in particularly if there are only a few people to live in.

For the narrow lots, you can consider having only 2 bedroom house plans with 2 master suites or the single story house plans with wrap around porch. Although the number of room is quite a few, if you know how to arrange them well, they can just look beautiful and comfortable. The most important thing is that all the rooms must enable the sunshine and air to circulate well. This way, no matter how small your house is, you can keep it healthy and refreshing.

Consider 2 Floors or More

How is if you need many rooms at once when the land is indeed limited? It should not a big deal nowadays since you can build your house up vertically. This idea is even applied widely even by the big developers with the building named apartments. With 2 floors or even more, there are many rooms to be included. You can just choose whether you prefer the ideas of 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sq ft or 3 bedroom 2 bath house plans 1 story.

Undeniably, the building cost tends to be more for the stacked houses. But there are some more benefits aside from having many rooms with limited lands. You can even have a chance for the backyard or front yard. In fact, the yard is never a wrong idea since you can remain the soil and grow plants there. From the perspective of protecting the environment, you are just doing something good and wise.

Lessen the Partition

Since the beginning when the house plans are designed, this matter is essential. You should not think that all the rooms must be separated by partitions for real. Some of them may need the partitions but some others are definitely not. Interestingly, there are many unique house plans with open floor plans available out there as the references.

So, where should the partitions be? Some rooms that must have partitions are those private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. For the rests like the kitchen, dining room, and living room, you can just make them open each other. In fact, the kitchen and dining rooms must be connected to each other. Therefore, the presence of partition may make booth rooms less effective.

On the other hand, the living and dining rooms can also be directly placed in the same big room. It is just about the furniture arrangement to be separated. Even if you are interested in the narrow lot house plans with rear garage, it is likely not a must to separate the garage from the other rooms.

There are some benefits you can find by removing some partitions. In the case of the small house floor plans under 1000 square feet, it just makes your house, in general, looks more spacious. It also eases you to find more lighting whether in the day or at night. In the day, you can directly get the lighting from the sunshine. While at night, you can install only one big lighting to lighten up two rooms or more.

Apply the Furniture Integration

But if you still think about the partition is still necessary, you can apply the concept of furniture integration. It means you don’t need the permanent wall to separate one room to another. The furniture is just applied to function as a well. In the house plans, there must still be the open plan design applied.

The furniture integration doesn’t only give the modern and flexible look, but it is also the implementation of the low cost house designs and floor plans you must be interested in. So, what is the furniture to apply in this house plans concept.

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It can be the cabinets or bookshelves. The cabinets with home decoration are just good partitions between the living and dining room. Sure, your guests can still peek to the dining room. But it is not a big deal as long as the dining room is always clean and neat. This open concept post and beam house plans are also good for the dining room and kitchen. Rather than building a permanent wall, a small coffee table is enough to separate them. To beautify the house more, put some houseplants and other accessories.

Glass Application

In the house plans, the way to draw the glass is different from how you draw the permanent wall. The glass is signed by the double lines that mean that the part is transparent. The glass application is necessary for many narrow lot house plans. Some examples are the house plans for narrow lots on waterfront, small Acadian style house plans with wrap around porch, and many more.

A benefit of the glass applied in the small house is that the house, in general, looks larger. It is likely an optical illusion since you may simply see the large yard outside. The other idea is by putting some mirrors to give the reflection effects. If you also can apply good lighting since the beginning, your narrow house may look more stunning.

Sample design :