Two Recommended Designs of Single Story House Plans

Two Recommended Designs of Single Story House Plans

Single story house plans are one of the recommended home style design to apply. If you think to have a big and modern house, you can implement that home plan. It combines different elements and creative design with two bedrooms or more. It is showing you to create a simply modern house with a comfortably amazing house area.

Single Story House Plans with Two Master Suites

If you want to have a minimalist house with a big size, it is sometimes designed excessively with some styles, combination, color, detail choices, furniture, and the others. You can make single story house plans with two master suites as an inspiration of home designs. A building process of the house plan is planning it. You can estimate an economical budget to build and treat a simply house lower than a big house.

Secondly, it is effective and efficient because it has a small size with the amazing interior designs. It gets much sunlight and a natural situation of the house. You can get an eco friendly situation with a low electricity bill. 1500 sq ft house plans with a single story are a nice designing idea for a single story house. Thirdly, it is very flexible in which you can get an opened floor single story house plans. It is closely related to each other. A concept of two suites house is suitable for a big family and the people having a more spacious area. You can draw that home design with two beds and one simple floor practically. A home plan follows a home concept with a particular grid pattern. It accentuates a minimalist, modern, comfortable, and simple home design.

A Simple House Plan with 6×12

One story house plans with wrap around porches can be the most developed home design by most of the developers. It is called to be a simple house design of 6×12. If you have a field area of 6×12 meters and want to build a modern and minimalist house, this is the right design. It is very ideal for urban residences because the size is right and ideal in which it is not too spacious or narrow so that it makes worth it. If your family members are increasing, you can add some bedrooms to accomodate more members. However, you can still apply designing ideas of the single story house plans with a good building process and details.

Here is the sample design :