Modern House Plans with A View Ideas

House Plans with A View Ideas

House plans with a view inspirations are a lot out there. There are so many styles and designs available that can be your references. From a mid century modern house plans to minimalist modern house plans. All of them are completed with a view so that later the house looks fresh with it. Here are some ideas of house plans with views that you can follow.

Modern MinimalistHouse Plans with A View

The first house plans with a view of the water have 2 floors. The total area of this building is 110 square meters. In the first floor, there is a front yard that is completed with a garage. Under an artistic wooden canopy, a terrace is built that leads to the backyard. It becomes an area to access the entrance of the house. The inside of the house is designed to be unique. Once you get into the house, you will be welcomed with a kitchen. As you know, it is very rare that a kitchen is placed in the front part of a house.

There is also a quite spacious family room with a backyard view. There is also a bathroom, laundry room, and stairs to come up to the second floor. The second floor is where all of the bedrooms are placed. There are 3 bedrooms in total, a bathroom, and family room. The front bedroom has the front view of the house with a wooden canopy, while the back bedroom surely has the view of the backyard. The house has a lot of windows so that it feels very cool and comfy.


The next is house plans with master suite on first floor. Just like the first idea, the kitchen is placed in the front part of the house on the first floor. There is a living room beside the kitchen. The middle area of the house is designed with an open concept so that this area feels very cool and fresh. This middle area is also beautified with a pool and central yard. This central yard becomes access to the master room with a private bathroom and reading room.

On the second floor, there are 2 bedrooms for kids. Moreover, there is also a quite large open area that leads to a family room for gathering and watching TV. A bathroom and laundry room is also placed on this second floor. Those are the ideas of house plans with a view.

Here is the sample design :

house plans