Modern Designs in the 1000 sq ft House Plans

Modern Designs in the 1000 sq ft House Plans

How the best 1000 sq ft house plans should be? 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom 2 bath? indian in kerala style? Looking for the perspective of housing and architecture nowadays, if you can have the land of 1000 sq ft, it is quite large anyway. You can even build any home style that you want without being worried whether it will be necessary or not. But sure, there are some matters to consider before starting making a plan. With such width, it doesn’t actually mean you spend the entire land for the house. For the better-looking house, there still must be the remaining land for the front or backyard. So, for the small modern house plans below or under 1000 sq ft, what are the ideas to follow? Check them out.

The Simple Designs 1000 sq ft House Plans

At the beginning you start to make the house plan, when you want a kind of modern home living, the simple design must be your main focus. This is a unique thing. As the development of classic and traditional designs, modern architecture is more about simplicity and minimalism. It is in contrast with the traditional style that is commonly full of decorative details. Meanwhile, the division of the room tends to be more varied. It is okay for you to have house plans with 3 car garage side entry or house plans with two master suites on first floor.

In other words, the architects, home interior designers, and even owners of the house can freely explore their ideas to be applied to the house plans. There is no traditional rule to be obeyed all the time like the master bedroom must be bigger than the other rooms and so on. In fact, the necessities of people in building their house tend to be different from one to another, aren’t they?

Open Interior

Despite applying too many details, the classic or traditional interior seems to be closed. If you notice well, there are too many partitions to separate one room to another. Okay, it somehow makes the house look safer for sure. But at the same time, the interior looks narrower also. Therefore, it is true if there is a saying that the traditional and classic designs are more necessary for a large house.

On the other hand, a modern home living presents the open interior. There are many ideas for this including the unique house plans with open floor plans and many more. What is actually the open floor plan 1000 sq ft house plans is? Open floor plans refer to a plan of a house in which some of the rooms are let be open without any concrete or permanent partitions. The common rooms with this idea are the kitchen with the dining room or the dining room with the family room.

There are some benefits to applying this floor plan idea for sure. The entire home looks more spacious and comfortable. Aside from that, it is also related to the low cost house designs and floor plans. Yes, the fewer partitions you have the fewer costs it will be. It is not exaggerating to say that if you want to spend less on building your house, the modern design is one of the solutions.

The Concept of “Less is more”

The concept of “less is more” is a concept popularized by the figure of modern architecture, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that refers to the minimalism in the architecture. There is no more too many implementations of ornaments and elements whether it is for the interior or exterior of the house. Even each of the elements is formed based on the function and aesthetic side at the same time.

So, how is to apply the “Less is More” concept on the house plans. One of the good examples is a frame house plans with walkout basement. It is clear enough that the walkout basement has an important function. It is for the warehouse or garage where you can keep your cars and any other stuff. But the walkout basement can also be the sweetener for the home itself. With the modern details like in the form of clean lines, it just makes your modern home living look more fabulous.

The other ideas are the U shaped house plans with pool in the middle. The design is basically to refresh the interior with the water along with the open air. Meanwhile, the pool is indeed functioned for swimming. But at the same time, with the right design applied, it just adds the aesthetic value to your home interior design.

The Elements of Nature

Although it is so-called modern, in fact, modern architecture with 1000 sq ft house plans design seems to be closer to nature. It can be seen from the elements used that tend to maintain original shapes and patterns. The implementations of woods and natural stones are often seen on the wall or floor. To add the vibe of nature, the house plans with a view of the water are also really popular nowadays.

With such house plans, you just add one more natural element, water, in your house. It can be in the form of a pool or pond. Besides, ideas like the waterfall or fountain can be there so that you can just feel the sense of the open nature in your own house.

The Combinations with Other Designs

Interestingly, the modern home design is not something cloistered. It is possible to combine it with any other architecture designs even the classical ones. A modern house matches well with the ranch style house plans with wrap around porch. Similar with it, you can also apply the modern and contemporary idea along with the rustic house plans with wrap around porch.

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The key point is that you are still holding onto the characteristics mentioned in the previous points mainly related to the simplicity and minimalism 1000 sq ft house plans. For the rest, it depends on your tastes. Undeniably, the classical details from the ranch and rustic styles are indeed beautifully timeless. So, keeping them in your modern house is something wise. Sure, the implementations of them should be started from the small modern house plans under 1000 sq ft.

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