Tips to Design 600 Sq Ft House Plans

Tips to Design 600 Sq Ft House Plans

600 sq ft house plans are quite small. This kind of house plans is preferred by modern people, newlyweds, or those who have a small family. However, it is quite tricky to design such a small house. You have to be careful and smart to maximize the existing land to create a comfortable house for you and your family members. But it does not mean impossible to have a comfy house in a small space. With these tips, you can have a comfy small house.

Prioritize Openings

Whether you make 600 sq ft house plans or small modern house plans under 1000 sq ft, it is important to insert openings in the house plans. The openings will let the natural sunlight and fresh air to come to your house. Having a lot of natural lights will make your house looks more spacious. It will add a brightness during the day so that you can save electricity too. Moreover, you have to thoroughly and carefully consider your need for rooms. If you only need 2 bedrooms, why do you make 5bedroom house plans with bonus room?

Openings on the Roof

If the existing land is really small and it is impossible for you to have openings on the walls, do not forget that you still have spaces on the roof. You can make openings there and let the sunlight come into your house. If you apply this tip, combine it with an atrium design idea that is continuous from the first floor and second floor. This way, your house will always look bright and of course, look more spacious. You can also apply this tip to your 1000 sq ft house plans.

Open Plan Concept

An open plan concept or also known as an open floor concept is really worth to consider if you are designing a small house plan. This open plan concept is usually applied in a living room, family room, and dining room. These 3 rooms are basically a gathering space which does not need any physical separation. Especially if you do not mind having your guests looking at or even be in your family room and dining room.

Consider Door Types

A folding door can be a flexible room divider. A sliding door can be an alternative that can save more spaces than traditional doors. You have to be considerate in choosing door types for your 600 sq ft house plans.