Modern 3 Bedroom House Plans Inspirations

Modern 3 Bedroom House Plans Inspirations

3 bedroom house plans are surely needed by those who want to have a more spacious house with more rooms. A house with 3 bedrooms is able to accommodate 3 to 5 family members. So that for you who are going to have a new family member, you probably also need house plans with 3 bedrooms.

Minimalist House with 3 Bedroom House Plans

Unlike the common house plans, this house plans with master bedroom on first floor place all of the 3 bedrooms in the front part of the house which is not far away from the foyer. 2 double bed and single bed bedrooms are in the front, followed by the master suite in the middle. Not far away from the foyer, there is a pretty spacious area that can be used as a praying room. The praying room is located near a bathroom. This 3 bedroom house plan is completed with a terrace on the side and back of the house.

Small Modern House Plan

The next house plan inspiration is merging a praying room with a family room. In order to keep the comfort of activities both in the praying room and family room, a decorative partition is used. This small modern house plan applies direct access to outside space in most rooms in order to keep the air circulation and freshness in the house well. To get know more about this house plan in details, you can search for house plans with pictures and cost to build on the internet.

Mid-Century Modern House Plan

The next is mid century modern house plans. A family room is connected to a living room which is placed in the front part of the house. While a kitchen is placed in the back of the house and directly connected to the backyard. Among 3 bedrooms, one of them which is the master bedroom is placed in the front, while the other 2 smaller bedrooms are placed in the back of the house and separated by a bathroom. This house plan is also completed with an open laundry room and void.

Modern Minimalist House Plan

This house plan is specially designed for a family with 2 kids. The master suite is separated from 2 kids bedrooms which are placed in the front part of the house. Between the kitchen and family room, there is a multipurpose area that can be used as a praying room. This is the last 3 bedroom house plans.

Here is the sample design :

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