5 Things to Know about the Mid Century Modern House Plans

5 Things to Know about the Mid Century Modern House Plans

Mid Century Modern House Plans – How much cost to build mid century modern house plans ? what if with basement? courtyard? atrium? or for narrow lot maybe? looking for sale in Australia or Canada? How should they look like and what are the things to consider realizing them? Read the explanations below.

In this page, you will learn more about the mid century modern house plans. Designing and drawing a house plan are sometimes not easy things particularly if you are not experienced it. However, it is actually not something impossible. Without you must be an expert in the field of architecture, you can just do it with some practices by reading books or information from internet online.

The Basic Concept of Mid-Century Houses

The original mid-century architecture is basically a design that you call as the modern or contemporary design nowadays. It is focused on the minimalism and simplicity on all aspects starting from the basic decoration to the furniture and accessories. Yes, the idea was indeed started from the mid-century of 20 so that you may call it that way until today. Do you know Joseph Leopold Eichler? one of the figures who bring modern architecture in that era.

On the other hand, there are also some theorists who say that the mid-century architecture is the prototype of today’s modern and minimalist designs. Therefore, there must be some differences here and there in which the mid-century ones tend to still look a little bit classical. But in general, it is not really difficult to be applied on the house plans even if it is only a small modern house plans under 1000 sq ft.

The Plans for Small Modern Mid-Century Houses

Interestingly, these interior and exterior designs are good for your house no matter how small or how big it is. Now, let’s try to make the small house floor plans under 500 sq ft. With such a size, you are probably only able to include two bedrooms and some other rooms including a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a garage, and a bathroom. In other words, the plan is only for a-floor house.

As usual, the living room is placed on the front part of the house. Then, it is followed by the dining room and kitchen. Too many partitions are not recommended for this kind of house since it may make the interior look too narrow. There are some rooms that should not be separated by the partition; they are the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Meanwhile, the two bedrooms are placed after the living room and they are directly faced the dining room. The bathroom is near the kitchen. If there is still the remaining space, you can use it for a small backyard for relaxing and gathering with family. To add such a unique vibe, this mid century modern house plans idea can be combined with the ranch style house plans with wrap around porch.

The Plans for Medium Modern Mid-Century Houses

Above the small modern mid-century houses, there are the medium-sized ones. It is then created for the 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sq ft and above 1000 sq ft. If you decide to have 2 bedrooms only, it means you add some more space to the whole rooms. However, if you decide 3 bedrooms, you should lessen the space for the other rooms.

Similar to the small houses mentioned in the previous point, it is recommended to avoid the partitions between the living room and the dining room as well as the dining room and the kitchen. Avoiding too many pieces of furniture is also helpful to make the entire interior decoration look more spacious. The bedrooms can be placed in parallels on the right side of the house while the kitchen can be placed on the left side along with the bathroom.

Sure, with this idea, it is still possible for you to have a garage and a small backyard where you can plan anything there. If the front yard is still remained , it can be protected with such a simple fence. The idea is necessary also for the house plans for narrow lots with front garage.

The Plans for Large Modern Mid-Century Houses

If you have a large land for the house, you are just lucky anyway for realize mid century modern house plans. But it doesn’t mean that planning the house is getting easier. Sometimes, it is even much more difficult in term of parting the space for rooms. Unfortunately, there are only a few people in this world who can build up such a big house due to the limited land. Of course, it is with an exception if you need house plans for homes built into a hill.

For a large mid century modern house plans, it seems necessary if you make it for more than a floor. This way, the house looks balance in term of the width and length. You can include many bedrooms here even four or more. Besides, despite the common rooms for houses like the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and others, you can add additional rooms like the private theatre and even a winery.

It is better to place all the bedrooms on the second floor except if you intend to have one or two for the guests. The kitchen and dining room are still better to be placed on the first floor after the living room. Since the size is large enough, it is no matter to add more spaces in each room to ensure you to feel more comfortable while doing the activities inside. Meanwhile, even if you don’t have any problem with the spacious look, it is not bad to apply a kind of unique house plans with open floor plans.


Aside from all the ideas of the house plans mentioned above, there are some matters to take a note while building a modern house with the mid-century style. First, the sense of natural should still dominate this idea like it is realized by the applications of rustic materials like wood and bamboo. That’s why; the single story house plans with wrap around porch is necessary to combine.

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Second, to deepen the modern look, you can add some big window glasses around despite the minimalist design itself. If it is possible, it is so good to adopt the idea of house plans with a view of the water. It means that there are ideas like the pool or pond in the mid century modern house plans you make.

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