Indoor Garden for Luxury One-Story House Plans

Indoor Garden for Luxury One-Story House Plans

Luxury one story house plans are a dream of everybody. The presence of indoor gardens will give additional value, not only in the aesthetic side but also the room quality and entire building. The design of indoor gardens should be involved since the first time in making a house plan and combined with the whole design to support the already planned concept. Great indoor garden designs will make a house feel comfortable and calming.

Architectural Indoor Garden

Built 10 square meters indoor garden which is filled with palm trees, orchids, and other plants. Combine this indoor garden with a void. A line of palm trees will bring beauty and coolness, while the void will act as a supplier of lights and air circulation. This kind of indoor garden will support the architecture of house plans with wrap around porch.

Beautifying Indoor Garden

The presence of indoor garden becomes a smart and effective idea which is beneficial to beautifying an empty space under a void. So the rooms around the indoor garden can get a natural light source and fresh air circulation from the void and plantations planted in the indoor garden. Choose plants that do not need high treatments and cares if you do not have enough spare time to regularly treat them. This idea is also suitable to be applied in ranch style house plans with wrap around porch.

Surrounding Indoor Garden

Make your house looks charming by creating an indoor garden that surrounds your family room. Use a glass partition so that you can still enjoy the view of the indoor garden and make your family room looks more spacious. You are also able to apply this indoor garden idea to your small house plans under 600 sq ft to make it looks larger. The combination of waters, natural stones, and plants is intentionally used to create a minimalist and beautiful indoor garden that is easy to treat. Moreover, this design also creates a floating impression for the living room around it.

Courtyard Indoor Garden

Courtyard or also known as a dry garden is getting more popular as a solution for a garden that is easy to treat. For the plants, you can plant Tabebuia tree in your courtyard indoor garden. If a tree is too much for you, you can also use other plants such as cactus. You can place it in your luxurious bathroom of your luxury one story house plans.