Low Country House Plans and Why It Looks Unique

Low Country House Plans and Why It Looks Unique

Low country house plans become one of the most popular house plans in recent years. It is because this house style fits both big and small houses. Besides, it has several unique traits that you cannot resist. You may see them right from the stylistic and architectural adaptation. In this article, we are going to show you the house plans with the low country style which might be suitable for house plans for narrow lots as well.

The terrain

Besides the architectural features, the low country style can be defined from the terrain. Typically, house with low country style gives elevation shorter than 20 feet above sea level. Besides, this is the reason why this style is called low country as well. But in order to avoid flood and other unwanted things, many houses are now built with at least the sea level elevation especially if the house is built near the coastal.

Porch and piazza

Another interesting thing about the low country house is that it has a porch or piazza. You might even find the low country house plans with wrap around porches on the internet. This area will be a suitable spot for casual gatherings or just relaxing while enjoying the leisure time at home. Some of them can be screened to avoid the direct sunlight exposure but you are free to make it free from the screen after all.

Frequently, the ceilings of the piazza or porch are painted in pale blue-green. Some people believe that this color will repel the insects. It makes them stay away from your porch so you can enjoy your day.

How to avoid the heat in southern

So, low country houses are commonly found in the southern. We all know that living in southern will challenge us with the heat. But of course, there are ways you can do to avoid heat even in country style house plans with wrap around porches.

Instead of relying so much on the air conditioner that will increase your electricity bill, you might consider making the ceilings higher. High ceilings will make the heat stay at the top part of the house and alter it with the cool breeze. Other than that, you may consider creating cross ventilation so the cooler air would stay longer in the room. On the other hand, these are things you need to know about low country house plans.

The sample design :