L-Shaped House Plans Design

L-Shaped House Plan Designs

L shaped house plans are believed to have a lot of luck in Chinese Feng Shui. But many people prefer to have this type of house plans because it does not look complicated and it can increase spaces for residence, especially in the outside. Though you only have L-shaped 1000 sq ft house plans, you will be able to have a terrace, patio, front yard, and many more. Below are various designs of L-shaped house plans.

Modern One-Story L-Shaped House

L-shaped house with only one floor is built and designed with a modern look and LA style layout. The interior and exterior are completed with a garden and kitchen in the corner, bedrooms, and a living room in the outside. Besides it looks pretty and neat, another benefit of this design is that every corner is comfortably connected. A living room that is placed in the outside can also be used as a terrace to spend quality times with family members.

White nuance is dominating the house and combined with brown roofs. This combination brings a warm and clean decoration with a classy look. If you want this design to be more detailed, you can browse for small modern house plans under 1000 sq ft on the internet.

Spacious One-Story L-Shaped House

Another design idea of one-floor L-shaped house. This L-shaped house is built on a very spacious land which is surrounded by grass. Woods are the main material used to build this house. So that it has a warm and natural touch. The dominant wood material also creates simplicity that is an important feature to build a popular house nowadays. Moreover, the wood material blends and matches very well with the surrounding grass. This house is completed with an indoor living room and outdoor living room.

Modern Two-Story L-Shaped House

If a one-floor house is too small for your big family, you can follow this L-shaped design idea. The 2-floor house is built in a modern look, but what makes it looks unique is the geometric rectangle shape. There is a small garden with colorful woods in order to bring a cheerful look within the modern atmosphere. To get into the house, a paved road is built for the sake of the householders’ comfort and also the guests’. The paved road also adds beauty to the garden. You can make house plans with a view of water to beautify this L shaped house plans.

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