Unique House Plans with Walkout Basement for Residential Houses

Unique House Plans with Walkout Basement for Residential Houses

House Plans with Walkout Basement – Think and elevator, sloped lots, wrap around porch, pool, detached garage, craftsman, ranch, lake, apartment or on side, back, front? For homes with limited land, additional space is usually done by adding floors. Adding the floor to the top is indeed a method that is often chosen. However, there’s nothing wrong if you try to add the floor down by building a basement. Currently, the basements are usually found in big buildings, such as malls and offices, which are generally used as parking lots. While for private homes, it is still rare. In fact, as long as the construction is done well, the basement can be built anywhere, including in the countries with the tropical climate.

Houses with basements are required to have a multi-storey design. Basement is the first part to be created, then all the space you need in a house above it. In this article, we will give you some tips on making house plans with walkout basement. Creating a home design with a basement does require a lot of time and money. Basement size must also be in accordance with the standard size that is neither too narrow nor too small. Even though it seems troublesome, there are many things you can get by having a house that has a basement in it. Here are some benefits of designing a house with a basement.

Benefits ofHouse plans with walkout basement

Whether you have house plans with walkout basement at back or at the front, you will get many advantages, such as:

  • It provides an extra spacious room

Anyone who owns a home will certainly be happier when getting a house with a basement, especially if the existing housing area is very narrow with limited parking area. Many homes have more than one car in it. Bringing a car on the roadside in front of the house is certainly not a wise decision that you can make.

  • It provides additional areas with other rooms

Basement is not always utilized as a garage. It is basically an area separated from the main room in your home, and it can be used as a multifunction room. Having a basement is very beneficial because it can provide you with a space to do an important activity that needs not to interfere with other people’s activities in other rooms.  For example, when you are doing a project resulting a lot of noises in the house, it will not disturb the other house occupants since you are doing it in a separate area.

  • It offers a unique home design

A house with a basement is a unique house because making basements is not easy. Only a few buildings are likely to have basements, such as malls or offices. But now the basement concept can also be made for private housing. The goal is none other than facilitating you with a unique and useful home.

  • It provides a stable temperature

Compared to buildings above ground level, the house plans with walkout basement actually has advantages. This is because the soil is a material that has a small capacity to absorb heat. Therefore, rising and falling soil temperatures are also fairly minimal. This relatively stable temperature is very good for the wall. The basement wall will remain cold. Unlike the wall above the ground which always gets direct radiation from the sun, so the temperature can be very high during the day, but it drops dramatically at night. On the contrary, the heat in the basement mostly comes from within the basement itself. The heat came mainly from the residents and the variety of tools they used.

However, you should remember that if there is no change of air in the basement, the problems like humidity and heat will interfere and are not good for health. In order to avoid the disadvantages that you may get, you should follow the tips on how to construct a good basement as a part of low cost house designs and floor plans.

Closed basement

The first thing you need to plan is the type of basement to be built. In simple terms, the house plans with walkout basement can be grouped into two types: fully covered basements and partial basements. Each of them offers some advantages and disadvantages. The main problem in the closed basement is usually related to humidity, odor, oxygen, rust, heat, and lighting. If the construction is not good enough, groundwater can seep through the wall. This will cause moisture problems followed by the growth of fungi, which will result in unpleasant odors.

Therefore, during construction, parts of the walls and floors must be taken care of. It will be best if the basement floor is made of concrete. As for the walls, it should be noted that the basement walls are prone to condensation due to the decrease in temperature and increased humidity. Thus, you are suggested to coat the walls with waterproofing to prevent leaking and seepage. In addition, the use of wallpaper is also not recommended because it will disrupt the fungus quickly growing on the wall. Besides, you should know that walls in the basement should be designed firmly because they function as a barrier to soil and water pressure. Therefore, you should use a sheet pile made of steel or concrete with a thickness of 15-17 cm.

The problems that often arise in the basement can actually be overcome in several ways. You can install exhaust or air conditioning to reduce humidity and heat, and maintain adequate oxygen. However, these methods have consequences, one of them is the fact that it increases operational costs of electricity.

Partial basement for residential houses

For residential houses, you should choose a basement that is semi-closed or partially open. This type of basement has some sides which are above the ground so that natural lighting and air circulation can enter and flow smoothly. In this way, the problem of heat, odor, and lack of oxygen can also be overcome naturally.

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Those are some things that you should know about the house plans with walkout basement, which are also perfect to be applied in small modern house plans under 1000 sq ft. One point that must be considered before designing the basement is the cost that must be spent. Do not let the construction be suspended because it will disrupt the robustness of the basement building.

Here is the sample design :

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