House Plans with Mother-in-law Suite in The Farmhouse Style

House Plans with Mother-in-law Suite in The Farmhouse Style

Putting the farmhouse style in the house plans with mother-in-law suite will create a warm yet cozy vibe in it. Other than that, farmhouse style provides the sensibilities in the modern era without sacrificing the look. You can always be in touch with nature by applying this style. Here, we have several rules you need to apply if you want the farmhouse style to be the part of your home.


Farmhouse style was basically handy and practical. Nowadays, this style is more into a decorating style without sacrificing its practicality. Nothing is too precious or delicate. But if you really want to decorate your house with farmhouse style, you may need to hunt some items at the flea market. Bringing in appliances with stainless steel look paired with the modern light fixtures will give the best look on the house plans with mother-in-law apartment with kitchen.

The character of farmhouse style

When it comes to the farmhouse style, you must make it looks like the house has been evolved over years. You cannot make it looks shiny and too modern. Other than that, the furniture should also give the impression you did not buy it from the same store. But you do not need to worry because nowadays there are a few brands of furniture that provide a set of furniture pieces with no same look on each other.

Vintage style is the main look of this style even though you want to apply it in the 1500 sq ft house plans. Materials and style can be freely made up but it must be the part of nature. You can put some accessories with country and rusty look to create a nostalgic ambiance. For example, you can create a bookshelf made of wooden pallets.

Farmhouse decorating ideas

You can always infuse the farmhouse style even in the small house plans with mother-in-law suite. Barn board will help you to make the country character inside your home. The board can be utilized as floors, furniture pieces, walls, and also shelving.

Exposed wood beams will help you to maintain the nature element inside your home. In fact, you can use it to give some architectural details. Other than the exposed wood beams, you may also consider the butcher block. It is not a must-install element but you really need one if you want to build the farmhouse style into your house plans with mother-in-law suite.

Here is the sample design :

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