Things to Consider in House Plans with Front Porch

Things to Consider in House Plans with Front Porch

House plans with front porch are quite popular in the living area since the porch has multiple purposes. The porch itself could be an ideal addition for a minimalistic and beautiful house. Whether you build the front porch in small house plans under 600 sq ft or 2000 square foot house plans one story, the design should be based on your preference and likings. Here are the simple guidelines to create the porch

Pick the theme for the porch

You should treat your porch like an event or art exhibition where there is a specific theme in there. Designing the house plans with wrap around porch will create a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing house atmosphere. There are several themes you can use for your porches such as modern, natural, classic, or traditional style.

The decoration and the furniture used on your future porch should be based on the theme. So, the modern porch should be filled with modern furniture and natural porch should be filled with natural furniture. If you are stuck and looking for inspiration, you can browse the internet or hire a house designer to shape your porch.

Decide the width of your porch

Once you pick the desired theme, now you can move on to decide the width and vastness of your porch. Of course, this will be determined by the size of your house and the available free space you have. Usually, the area for your porch won’t include your garden area, so think thoroughly before executing your porch plan.

Material and design of your porch pillars

The porch pillars are important for your overall house design. This is because the pillars will be the primary support for the porch that connects with the main house. Besides that, the pillar can also add more value to your house, if designed and placed properly. Therefore, creating proper porch pillars is the key to have an interesting front porch.

The roof of the porch

If you see several houses with front porch in a house and building magazine, then it can be concluded that the roof of the porch can determine the design of the porch itself. But, some people also don’t care too much about the synergy between the porch and the roof. As a recommendation, you can design the roof and the porch with the same time for a better aesthetic value.

Supporting features

In your house plans with front porch, there are several supporting matters that will elevate the beauty and value of your houses such as flooring, color, and the type of wall you will use. Make sure that you have a good theme for your house so it will be easier for you to pick the right supporting matters for your porch. Also, you can opt for low cost house designs and floor plans if you have a limited budget.