House Plans with Attached Guest House Design Ideas

House Plans with Attached Guest House Design Ideas

House plans with attached guest house are preferred by those who would like to separate their private areas from anyone else. Actually, this house plan is also suitable for those who want to start a guest house business. If you look for design ideas of a house with an attached guest house, this article provides you some.

Farmhouse & Eclectic Retro Style

This design is suitable for you who love a country style and want to get closer with nature. The front part of this house design is decorated with brick walls and wooden furniture. While the roofs are designed with triangle shapes, a characteristic of a farmhouse style. This design applies a calm rural atmosphere that unites with nature. Make your guests feel surprised with a completely different attached guest house. Unlike the farmhouse style exterior, design the interior of the attached guest house with eclectic retry style.

Choose furniture and colors that are identical with retro style. Such as red, yellow, brown, and so on. It does not matter if you have limited spaces. This design is also able to be applied in 1000 sq ft house plans. Or, you can also create small house plans under 600 sq ft for this design.

Industrial Style

Make the exterior of your house looks simple, but make your guests feel at home with the industrial style applied in the interior. Complete the interior of the attached guest house with wooden furniture and unfinished walls to accentuate the industrial style. For the bedroom, maintain the style by applying unfinished walls and floors. Complete it with a hanging iron lamp. Build a garden in front of the bedrooms so that your guests can enjoy the nature and fresh air within the industrial style. The natural look from the garden and industrial look from the interior will create a unique combination.

Ethnic Modern Style

This style combines a modern design with ethnic touches. With this design, your guests will be able to feel the modern and ethnic atmosphere at the same time. Apply the ethnic style to the furniture such as a bed, lamp, sofa, and so on. You can also apply it to the decorations such as wall decorations and rugs. While for the modern style, you can apply it to the building shape. This house plan design is pretty similar with mid century modern ranch style house plans.

Those are the design ideas of house plans with attached guest house.

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