Nice Inspirations of House Plans with 2 Master Suites

Nice Inspirations of House Plans with 2 Master Suites

If you have additional family members, of course, you need to renovate your house to add some extra rooms. It is impossible to add the other rooms at home like a praying room. You can add an extra bedroom to your house. House plans with 2 master suites become the right choice for building a house.  Those rooms can accommodate more family members at the home.

A Home Plan with a Praying Room

1500 sq ft house plans can help you to make two master suites at home. It is a unique home plan in which it consists of two master suites with a praying room. The praying room is built in the front part of the house. With two master suites with double and single bed, it becomes the right house plan to do. It is not far from a foyer, there is a spacious empty room to be a praying room. The location is close to the bathroom easing you to take anything. This home plan includes a backside terrace and a relaxing spot in the backyard.

A Cozily Space between Two Master Suites

A praying room is necessary to be built in a closed design. It combines a praying room with the other rooms being a solution of the limited area. You can build a cozy space between two master suites called 3 bedroom 2 bath house plans 1 story. It is like a home plan with two bedrooms in which a praying room is united to a communal or family room. However, it doesn’t mean that it reduces a comfort during you conduct your daily activities. You may use a decorative room border to separate a zone of the praying room and a family room. Direct access to the outside of the room can be seen in this home plan with two master suites. It becomes a plus point to smooth air circulation and the freshness of the room.

A House Plan with Upper Master Suites

A conventional organization is conducted on this home plan with two master suites and one praying room. It doesn’t only make house plans with master bedroom on the first floor. You need to make upper master suites. It is a connecting living room to a family room located in the front of the house. In this house plans with 2 master suites, you can get a master suite separated by a bathroom. It has an opened laundry room with a fresh condition. With this home plan, you can get a cozy master suite in this home plan.

Here is the sample design :