Tips to Make Simple Two-Story House Plans Stylish

Tips to Make Simple Two-Story House Plans Stylish

Simple two story house plans are suitable for small families. This kind of house plans is also preferred by modern people who live in metropolitan cities, where lands are getting rare. Though it is simple, it does not mean you cannot make your simple 2 floors house plans look stylish. With these tips, your house will never be out of style.

Geometric Details

For you who love attractive geometric details, you can apply it to the exterior of your house plans. The geometric details will look even more attractive if you apply it with proper color schemes. If you want to maintain the simple look, you can use neutral colors or pastel colors such as white, grey, brown, yellowish brown, and so on. These color schemes will bring a charming nuance to your house and make it looks more lively. This tip is also suitable to be applied in house plans with wrap around porch.

Make It Stylish

If you love a unique home nuance, you can express it through the design of your house roofs by making it curved. The curved roofs will also make your house looks more flexible. Using grey as the dominant color is very suitable for you who like a practical impression. Moreover, grey will maintain the simple and modern look at your house plans.

Bright Colors

One of the ways to bring a sweet impression to your house plans is by applying bright colors to one part of your house. For example, you can use yellow colors in one of the walls in the front part. Besides giving a sweet impression, yellow colors can also make your house looks more cheerful and more lively. Applying bright colors is also able to make small modern house plans under 1000 sq ft look more spacious. This idea is perfect for you who are still single or newlyweds.

Fresh Nature Nuance

Bring a natural atmosphere to your house to make it fresh. You can bring a natural atmosphere up by applying green colors to the exterior. Adding natural stones can also give a calming natural impression. Strengthen the natural atmosphere by adding some plants to the sides of your house. You are also able to apply this tip to optimize your rustic house plans with wrap around porch. The presence of these plants will maximize the natural and simple design of your simple two story house plans.

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