Design Ideas of English Cottage House Plans

Design Ideas of English Cottage House Plans

English cottage house plans are suitable for those who love a country style or traditional style. English cottage house will make you feel like you are living in villages. This kind of house plan is various, such as such as English 1200 sq ft house plans which are spacious enough for newlyweds or small families. You are able to look for English cottage house plans with pictures and cost to build on the internet if you want it to be detailed. But if you look for house plans of English cottage design ideas, this article can give you some.

Strong Country

The first design of an English cottage house plan is featured with red and orange facades. The main materials of this house plan are bricks and woods. The natural patterns of woods and bricks are maintained as details so that the country and rural atmospheres are strongly kept in this house. This house plan of English cottage is also completed with a terrace. Wooden decks are installed in the terrace in order to keep the rural and country style. Moreover, lounge chairs and hammocks are also placed there so that the terrace feels more comfortable. It is the best area to get relaxed and spend quality times with other family members.

Modern Country

Who says that an English cottage house cannot look modern? Use vertical woods in order to add a modern touch. Choose wood materials with soft textures so that the English cottage style is not gone. Moreover, it will be better if you use big sliding doors with simple shapes in your house plan of an English cottage. You are also able to add a terrace if you prefer country house plans with wrap around porches.

White Cottage

White English cottage house plan combines a minimalist and country style. This house plan is featured with a terrace which is directly connected to a swimming pool. Of course, this house plan of English cottage requires large and spacious areas. The house is dominated with white to bring the minimalist style. While wooden decks are installed around the swimming pool to keep the country style.

Pink Country

This house plan is using the natural pink color of brick materials. This house plan is very unique because there is no living room. A dining room is directly connected to the terrace. So that the householders can choose to dine in one of the areas of these English cottage house plans.

Here is the sample design :