Cute and Small Cottage House Plans

Cute and Small Cottage House Plans

Well, it is true that small cottage house plans are not roomy when it comes to space available inside- it is pretty hard to design one with 2 bedroom 2 bath house plans available since there is not much room available- mostly, but there are also several designs which accommodate 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sq ft. Well, let us check the design plans now, shall we?

  • Waterfront cabin cottage

The first member of the list here would be the design made by Houseplans, a company which specializes in house design and planning. When you read the name, you must be assuming that the house is built near water, right? Well, your guess is correct since the design, which is one of the house plans with a view to the front, offers a beach view and it is best suited that you build it by the beach. Well, since it is a cottage, then, the exterior would be coated by wooden accents that are very prominent. And, although it can be pretty difficult to build a small cottage house which has two bedrooms, this one proves otherwise albeit it is only 480 square inch per foot in total. However, though, you need to improvise to design your own electrical layout since it is not included.

  • Houseplan’s 57thcottage

The next one of the small cottage house plans is also designed by Houseplan and it is their 57th design of small cottages. Well, when it comes to design, you can see that it is similar with one of the farm style house plans with wrap around porch since it is indeed equipped with porch, but it is not designed with farm-style architecture. Just like other cottages, it heavily uses wooden materials as the main material to build it. Therefore, you need to expect that you would spend more on maintaining these woods since they are not as durable as concrete or other types of a mix. Well, when it comes to overall size, this one has a similar size compared to the first example and it is sized of 480 square inches per foot in total. However, this design is also very different since it only has one bedroom and one bathroom in total, although the bedroom is considerably larger!

Those are the designs you can choose. Follow these to build your dream cottage. Now that you have got everything you need, this will be the end of the article which contains small cottage house plans!