How to Create Appealing Craftsman Style House Plans

How to Create Appealing Craftsman Style House Plans

Craftsman Style House Plans – The mid-century era has brought some interesting housing inspiration, which becomes the reason for craftsman style house plans to become popular.

This architectural style has been around since the 1930s and the main characters you will always see from this type of house are such as the handcrafted woodwork or stone, square columns, overhanging eaves, and traditional gabled roofs. It also justifies that old things could become new again. Basically, you can always go with craftsman home style even if you want to use house plans with a view of the water.

In this article, we are going to show you how to make your craftsman home looks more appealing. We have been discussing the issue with experts. Check this out.

Put some different colors

Craftsman homes commonly consist of several combinations of color. However, you need to work the palette so it looks tasteful and classy. The color combinations could be applied to the columns, stairs, porch, and others. But if you are not so sure about the palette then you may consider yellow, red, or olive as the part of the pallet you will use for you craftsman house.

Highlight the architectural features

Craftsman homes have such strong bones due to its architectural features. Most of them have a defined yet sturdy structure and details on the exterior part. So, if you highlight those details, it helps you to create a nice lifestyle residential lot.

Many old houses with this style use woods. It tends to rot, splinter, and then faded. Termite could also make it wreaked. Still, there are various ways to make your house looks attractive and fresh instead of seedy and shabby. You can always build your own house plans for narrow lots with front garage using this architectural style.


Since craftsman houses are one of the old house styles, many of them were built decades ago. And if your house was also built decades ago then you may need to take a look at its landscape. The trees and shrubbery might be the worst enemy you need to face. But if you can hire a professional to landscape the house then it will lighten up the vibe.

Of course, you can landscape your home on your own. There are various videos on YouTube you might watch to arrange the landscape. You can put flowers and ivy or even some big rocks to create a pattern on the craftsman style house plans.

Here is the sample design :

popular craftsman style house plans with pictures