Classify a Home Style: Craftsman House Plans with Photos

Classify a Home Style: Craftsman House Plans with Photos

Many people could not resist the charm spread by craftsman house plans with photos. Here we will classify the style.

This architectural style is fascinating because it has some unique trait. The front porch is so cute while the roofline has the elegant slopes up here. It makes the craftsman style becomes popular from time to time. In this article, we will give you the in-depth look at craftsman house. It might make you love this house more since the house has gained popularity decades before the modern style was established.

The popularity of craftsman

Nowadays, the popularity of this home style is derived from its functionality that never sacrifices the beauty and charm. Other than that, craftsman houses were built with bungalow as the main inspiration. Each house was built by the owner, which makes no house looks like another house. Almost all features in this style of house cannot be replaced by anything. So, besides owning a home, the homeowner of a craftsman house also owns a part of history.

Back then when craftsman house is still in its initial phase, this house was very popular due to its simplicity. Initially, it was meant for every working man that put the function before the aesthetic. Other than that, the style was quite modest. The house was relatively small so it would not take too much effort to care for it. Find out how to draw house plans on computer on the internet instead.

The features

Unlike a frame house plan with walkout basement, the craftsman house is well-known for its individuality. But there are several aesthetic details along with the structural things that make this house look charming. The exterior details may include:

  • Single yet protruding dormer;
  • Double windows hanging on the building with separated glass panels on bottom and top;
  • Pillars stand up on the entryway;
  • The front porch wrapped in cover;
  • There are rafters you may find under the eaves;
  • Overhanging, wide eaves;
  • Rooflines with gabled or hip style.

Meanwhile, the interior details also have so many interesting things you cannot skip. Other than the prominent fireplace, you may also find nooks in the corner along with the window seats. Since the house is small, built-in storage is another interesting thing from this house. Also, it features a lot of natural materials especially wood. So, as we have mentioned earlier, it is hard to resist the charm of craftsman house plans with photos.

Sampe design of craftsman house plans with photos :