Space Storage Tips for Small 3 Bedroom House Plans

Space Storage Tips for Small 3 Bedroom House Plans

Small 3 bedroom house plans will be a challenging thing to do. No matter how big space, storage will be a matter that makes you think very hard. Basement or attic could be a good place to store your unused items or something you bought because it looks cute.

However, it will not work if you do not have an attic or even basement. So, how would it be? This issue is also common in 2 bedroom tiny house plans. This is why we want to show you some the storage organization when it comes to the small space.

Stick to the essentials

You can make it as your new mantra after all. Before you move into a tiny house or a house with limited space, you will need to narrow down your furniture pieces and other items. So, it is important to always stick to the essential items and other items that bring you joy. Even decorative items could be coming from a functional item.

Blend the storages into your room

Since you are living in a tiny space while you want house plans with a view to the rear area, it could be a smart move to blend your storage into the room. Blending the storage into the room can be done by looking for space to hide your belongings. Some vintage items could also be a nice place to settle your things in it. Or maybe, you can invest in some pieces of furniture that can be folded when you do not use it or it simply serves more than one function.

Maximized every inch with customized items

Your challenge might get higher when you decide to settle with small house plans with mother-in-law suite. Talking about the storage in tiny space, you really need to utilize every inch in your home as best as possible. One of the ways is by investing in some customized items. As we have mentioned earlier, using furniture that could serve more than one main purpose will help you a lot on storage.

Functional decorations

As we have mentioned earlier, decoration items are always needed in every house. But if it is not possible to infuse it in your tiny house, you might use your furniture or other functional items as the décor as well such as books, kitchen goods, linens, herbs, kitchen items, and many more. And this is the end of our article about small 3 bedroom house plans.