The Best of The Small 2 Story House Plans: A Plan Made For Those Looking to Get Things Easy

The Best of The Small 2 Story House Plans: A Plan Made For Those Looking to Get Things Easy

Planning a house is a hard thing for the uninitiated, and unless you know how to sort through the collection of small 2 story house plans on the internet, you will end up getting a bad plan that would not be applicable for your house. Because getting a bad plan is equal to getting a nice, hard slap on the face, you would not want it to happen. Instead, you want to have a good plan, a plan that can work with a limited space and a plan that is considered one of the best low-cost house designs and floor plans there ever was. In short, you will want this plan to grace your mind.

Why? You will find the answer below:

The importance of having a compact house in the modern era

As the world grows older, the people in it grow in numbers. The population of the world is a never-ending count that will keep increasing the longer the world lives. With each day, babies were born and little deaths have been reported, which obviously contributed to the rising number of people.

That increase makes it hard for one to make a house that can be categorised as big. These days, a lack of space makes compact houses a boon to have. The increasing amount of 1200 sq ft house plans is a pretty clear sign that modern people are starting to look compact houses plans up.

The explanation above should explain why compact houses plans are needed more than. The lack of space plus the rising population count would make it impossible for people to build houses that are bigger than most. The prices for the materials also rises, so it is obvious that people would turn to plans that are smaller.

The plan we got for you covers all checklists that a nice, compact house should have. Below is the breakdown of the rooms available in the house plan:

Breaking the rooms down

The plan got 3 bedrooms. One each of kitchen, and dining room, and two each of bathrooms, living rooms, and sundecks. It also got a porch, which does not add to the simplicity but is a very nice thing to have.

The floor composition is somewhat odd, but it works if you are planning on using it. Simply put, there are two bedrooms on the first floor and a single room on the second-floor. The room on the second-floor is the master bedroom, so expect it to be bigger than the other rooms. The master bedroom, of course, got a bathroom and a closet on its own, which is pretty handy. While the other small 2 story house plans emphasis on the simplicity of the plan, this one combines simplicity and elegance, which is always a good thing.

Here is the sample of small 2 story house plans :