Tips for Building One Story House Plans

Tips for Building One Story House Plans

There are many designs of one story house plans to apply in a ready residence. You can make your own design based on your needs and desires. The willingness of building your house is often faced to the fund problem. Of course, it must be acknowledged that a home building requires a big fund. However, it doesn’t mean that it must be expensive.

Making a Right Plan for One Story House

Single story house plans with two master suites can be an inspirational idea to build a cozy one story house. To be the initial step, you can plan a home building. You must prepare fund, building size, and home building target. The plan has a function to be a control of the home building implementation. You must be ready on the extra fund in which sometimes it is out of the target. You can select the right home plan for one story house because it determines any elements of the home building.

Using a Minimalist Type Design of One Story House

The next tip to make 1 story house plans with wrap around porch is using a minimalist type design. The minimalist one looks simple but it stays cool. The minimalist one story house plans can be a good trend for developing an eco friendly residence. The design of this house tends to be more efficient in using home materials but it stays modern and luxurious. It is appropriate for its design in which it looks minimalist and saving space so that it doesn’t spend more building materials. To get a minimalist home type design, you don’t need to take the real 1500 sq ft house plans. Just find the most important ones.

Determining the Shape Design of the One Story House

The last one is determining a shape design of the one story house. The building shape influences a difficulty level of the home building and material necessities. The square house tends to be easier to build and economical than a triangle house. Generally, to form some sides or angles, you need to prepare more building materials. In addition, a difficulty level in the building is higher so that it is risky on the imperfect building. It requires a renovation process of the one story house plans to give you a very comfortable residence. Try to apply those nice tips for building a cozy house.

Here s the sample design :