Creative Partitions for 1600 Sq Ft House Plans

Creative Partitions for 1600 Sq Ft House Plans

1600 sq ft house plans are pretty spacious. So that you have to smartly separate each room. Each room in a house does not always have to be separated by walls. If you want to maintain the spacious impression of your house plan, you can use partitions. However, underestimating the choosing of partitions will ruin the final look of your house design. By using beautiful and creative partitions, you will add visual and aesthetic value to your house.

Bamboo Partition

In order to bring a natural touch, you can use bamboo materials as a partition to separate rooms in your house. Bamboos can be an alternative besides log materials. Bamboo partitions can also be used for 1000 sq ft house plans. You can neatly or randomly arrange bamboos with different slope angles and diameters in order to create various styles and nuances in the rooms. Combine this bamboo partition with oriental interior design for an attractive visual harmony. Natural interior design can also be an alternative to be combined with this partition.

Wooden Boxes

One of the easiest and most practical ways to make a partition is by using wooden boxes which are arranged into a cabinet or shelf. Paint the boxes if the textures of the woods are not matched with your interior design. But if you apply a natural interior design, maintaining the original textures of the woods will be helpful in strengthening the natural nuance in the rooms. With this wooden box partition, you are able to display your family portraits or store your items. This partition is also suitable for 1800 sq ft house plans one story.

Hanging Plants

Having hanging plants or vertical gardens is not only able to make rooms feel fresh but it can also be an attractive partition. For more private rooms, you can use vines so that the leaves can become a more closed partition. For example, you can use it to separate a family room and living room at your house. This partition can also be applied in unique house plans with open floor plans.

Decorative Curtains

A simple way to separate rooms in your house is by using decorative curtains. Combine colors and curtain layers, from the curtain colors, transparent curtains, and patterned curtains so that you can have a luxurious yet affordable partition. This decorative curtain partition can create spacious-looked rooms in your 1600 sq ft house plans.