Tips to Make 5 Bedroom House Plans

Tips to Make 5 Bedroom House Plans

5 bedroom house plans are suitable for those who have big family members. Because this kind of house plan has quite a lot of rooms, some people find several problems when they make one. Actually, they are able to look for luxury house plans with photos of interior or house plans with photos of interior and exterior on the internet to make it easier. Or, they can also follow these tips below.

Start to Make A Correlation of Each Room and Placement Zoning

First for 5 bedroom house plans, you have to connect the room requirements with each other. For example, a bedroom should be near a bathroom, a kitchen should be near a dining room, a living room should be far from a private bedroom, and so on. Moreover, you must give zoning on relationship diagrams among those rooms in the house. Which one are the private areas, service areas, and public areas. Make sure each zone is not overlapped and bothering the comfort of every room.

Change the Zoning and Diagram to A Basic House Plan

The next step is changing the zoning and diagram to a basic house plan. The components of the house plan may only be simple lines in order to describe what your dream house will be.

Make Some Alternative House Plans

One of the steps of making a house plan that you will always through is trying some alternative house plans. You need to change the basic house plan that you have made before in order to provide other house plan possibilities. This way, you will be able to have the best house plan so that you should not underestimate or even skip this step.

Detailed the House Plan with Sizes, Notation, and Other Architectural Details

Once you have found the best house plan that meets your needs, for example, mid century modern house plans, you have to give details on the house plan you made. The details are including the wall thickness, materials used, windows, carvings or symbols in the doors, and many more. Sizes such as the dimensions of the rooms, the height of the ceilings, and other architectural details are also included.

Even though it needs a long process, everyone can learn and make a house plan. By understanding the way to make a house plan, it will be easy to visualize your ideas and needs and tell them to the architect about your dreamy 5 bedroom house plans.

Here is the sample design :

Plans of the five rooms House