Designing a New Garage for 3 Car Garage House Plans

Designing A New Garage for 3 Car Garage House Plans

3 car garage house plans seem like not a common plan. However, the trend always shows that houses need to be bigger and bigger from time to time. In this article, we have some ideas related to creating or designing a new garage. A bigger garage could help the homeowner to accommodate more vehicles in it.

Which one is better: attached or detached garages?

Most houses we have seen through the years always have a garage attached to the house. Basically, a garage that is attached to the main building of the house offers various features. When the weather gets cold or even wet, it offers great insulation. However, this type of garage would only give you a very limited number of options when it comes to the style of both the house and the garage.

On the other hand, a separated garage offers several conveniences for sure. Just take the consideration before choosing the right type of garage since you only have 1500 sq ft house plans.

The garage entry

From time to time, the standard type of garage always includes an entry facing the street while the location is right next to the main house. The entry will include a tour through utility or laundry room. Sometimes, it also requires you to pass the bathroom.

In fact, that layout saves your money a lot. But, do you really need to cut the cost for the primary entrance? You can consider your option by searching for house plans with 3 car garage and bonus room on the internet.

Adjust the orientation

So, you can basically make your own house plans online for free. And if you prefer to do this then you really have a chance to improve the orientation of your future garage. Commonly, the garage becomes unnecessarily left out since this room is not the main space for humans to occupy compared to other rooms in the house. This is why sometimes a garage has a weird orientation. Consider making the orientation 45 degrees from the house so it can reduce the impact.

Consider the look

The design is always a matter of look. And even a garage need the best look. A good garage always looks like a part of the main house and you better make it not look like a garage. Façade can be applied for a garage. Other than that, you may break the bulky look of the garage by installing several smaller doors. And this is the end of 3 car garage house plans.

Here is the sample design :