3 Bedroom House Floor Plans For You and Your Family

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans For You and Your Family

3 bedroom house floor plans are one of the most common house plans which people are looking for today. These house plans are great if you have several family members. It is because, as the plans say, it provides you with 3 bedrooms for each of your family members. This article provides several plans for you to choose which plan you would like to use. No more trying on how to draw house plans on computer. You will find several plans including 3 bedroom 2 bath house plans 1 story in this article

1300 sq ft house plan

This design is simple and efficient. It suits perfectly for a modern family with a tight budget. This plan has 3 bedrooms, a master bathroom, and a cost-effective bathroom. The master bathroom is situated near the master bedroom. It also has a large common room with a sliding glass door which leads you to the patio. The bedrooms besides the master bedroom are situated next to each other. This is good if you have two grown-up kids who want to have their own bedroom. This house plan only has one story. If you are looking for 1000 sq ft house plans, this plan is the best option you have.

2100 sq ft house plan

Having wider space than the previous plan, these 3 bedroom house floor plans provide a garage for one car only. The master bedroom has its own bathroom and it is also located near the pantry. On the other hand, the other two bedrooms are separated by a bathroom between them. This house plan also features a large living area. The living area is divided into a great room and a dining and a kitchen area. This plan of the living area is good if you want to talk to your guests or family while preparing for serving the meal. In addition, this plan provides a bonus room on the upper floor. The bonus room can be used as a hobby room or a reading room.

1900 sq ft house plan

This plan provides the master bedroom with the master bathroom and two walk-in closets. It is perfect for you if you have shoes, clothes, or any other collection. It can be put in the closets provided. It also has a garage for two cars. In addition, the plan also features great space for porch and patio. It is good for having a nice talk with your family or friends. In addition, the bonus room is also provided on the upper floor. This 3 bedroom house floor plans provide.

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