Tips from Experts: How to Build the Dream House from the Ground

2000 Sq Ft House Plans Floor Modern

2000 Sq Ft House Plans – Think 2 floor? 1 Floor India? 3 bedroom? 2 story? with basement? in kerala? in Tamilnadu? UK? 3D modern 2000 sq ft house plans might be a bit different compared to the narrower house plans. If you have a plan to build your future home from scratch, of course, there would be several things you need to consider. Some people consider the decorating part as the most fun part when it comes to creating a house. However, you need to start from the basic, which includes the foundation of the house plans.

If you want to get the 2000 sq ft house plans with pictures and cost to build, you may try the online app that will give you the rough estimated cost for your home. But if you want to just do it then you better immediately talk to your architect or designer. The foundation can be narrowed down and there are so many factors that would help to find out the best yet rightest house foundation. The main factors that could affect are such as the location of your land, the land material, and the tendency of a location could get the natural disasters. The land quality will also determine how the foundation of your house would be.

Things to consider 2000 Sq Ft House Plans

When it comes to how to find floor plans of a house, there would be several essential things you need to consider. First, the foundation of every plan you are interested in must support the load of the house entirely. According to the type of the house along with the total weight you will put on the foundation, it must be really strong to support the house. Other than that, you must ensure if the architect or designer is qualified for what they are doing.

Other than that, the soil for the foundation must undisturbed and settled. It would prevent any shift of foundation supports. If you ignore this point then the worst case is a structural breakdown. We will not stop to remind you about using the experienced yet certified professionals to do this job.

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Another aspect you need to consider is the dryness of foundation before choosing the 2000 sq ft house plans. The foundation will be the area of the house that will constantly have contacts with moisture, flood, and others. So, other than looking for the modern house plans with cost to build, you also need to make sure that the foundation will remain dry no matter what will happen in the future. Certain areas with non-urban characteristic would require a perc test to make sure that there would be no problem with the groundwater even though the foundation is deep enough.

If you do not take the perc test then you might need to test your soil. The local engineering company might accommodate you to get your soil tested. It is needed to make sure what options are available for you on such ground.

In order to maintain the unnecessary moisture away from your house after building, you can install the downspouts and gutters. These will help to push out the moisture through the roof. Other than that, installing a sub-slab drainage pad would block and vapor and gases from soil and water. Here are the types of foundation with its character.


In the case of determining the best foundation of 2000 sq ft house plans , you need to know each type of foundations on the market right now. Basement is one of the most common foundation types but your desire to have one will change from time to time. Other than that, you may commonly find houses with basement in Midwest or Northeast since the soil supports this foundation.

It takes at least eight feet deep for a basement foundation. Areas with colder climates will trigger to bring in the builder to build a basement. Other than that, the basement will need the walls and slab to reduce the presence of mildew and mold. If the basement has a lot of sloped areas, house plans with walkout basement at back would be a better option. It has almost no issue with dampness and you can enjoy the room in the basement with a little natural light.


If a basement is not applicable to the ground type, you can use the crawl space to keep the structure of the house elevated right above the land level. The crawl space will also help you to arrange HVAC and plumbing equipment easily especially if those need future repairs. The construction will involve poured short foundation and footing. Mostly, the height would be at least 20 inches of height. In order to avoid mold and mildew issues, the contractor will suggest putting the vapor barrier on top of the soil.


Slab, in fact, is the most common yet standard foundation type in residence. But this type of foundation is only suitable for stable ground. So, if you need to know how to get floor plans of my house while your house will stand on a stable ground then the slab type will be suitable for you. The benefit of using the house foundation is that this option is much cheaper yet easier to build.

However, the foundation could get cracked and breakdown if the land is unstable or uneven. Since there is not enough space under the house, the plumbing and HVAC equipment will be planted under the slab. It might be more difficult if you need to repair these things.

Homes with difficult land

If even the slab foundation is impossible due to the ground condition, what is your option? Have you ever heard of pier foundations? Well, this could be an alternative to overcome your case for .

The pier foundation is mainly using circular or square concrete pads. Those are located at the located spot surrounding the structure perimeter. Your contractor will determine where the footing pads will be located because it needs to be placed in the most solid ground underneath your land. This type of foundation is also suitable for houses built at the hill, beachfront, coastal, and many more. So, if you want to build a house with the 2000 sq ft house plans but the land is uneven, the pier foundations might do you great.

Here is the sample design :