2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans Design Free

2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans Design Free

2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans – If you plan to build one but still do not have the design that suits your taste, here we will give you some 2 bedroom tiny house plans free design on wheels that may inspire you. For those who have a small family, the design of a 2 bedroom house is enough to live in. A small house with 2 bedrooms is considered perfect for small families.

Simple 2 bedroom small house floor plans under 500 sq. ft

A very simple design is suitable for those of who do not have a lot of space to build a house. The concept 2 bedroom tiny house plans of open space fits perfectly with the modern and minimalist style of today’s homes. For a small house which has less than 500 sq. ft floor, a design that resembles a modern apartment may be a good idea to be applied.

This is the inspiration for a simple little house with 2 rooms, for those of you who are newly married and planning to build a house. A minimalist house can be built with only 4 rooms: 2 rooms, a bathroom, and a living room. If you can arrange the room wisely, you can still have some land to create parks and green spaces in your dwelling. While you do not have children, the other room can be used for storage. Well, having a simple house isn’t too complicated, isn’t it?

U shaped house with a pool in the middle

If you have a wider floor but want to build a 2 bedroom tiny house plans on it, you can use the open space for other things, like a garden, garage, or pool. You can it into a garden in the middle of the house. Or, if you have a house plan with a view of the water, the design of U shaped house with a pool in the middle may suit your preference.  

Imagine if you first wake up in the morning, what you see is a green atmosphere as fragrant as the garden in the middle of the house, and the refreshing look of the pool.  The gurgling pool water can calm your heart and release fatigue after working all day.

2 bedroom tiny house planswith a bathtub, is it possible?

It is possible to place a bathtub inside a 2 bedroom tiny house plans design. The trick is by making use of a multi-purpose room. For example, you can use the living room as a guest room, as well. You can also remove the border between the dining room and your kitchen so that you can make use of the excess space to make a bigger bathroom with a bathtub inside. In such a tiny house, it is still possible for you to add comfort and solidity levels to your home by leaving a room that can be used to realize the bath of your dreams.

A modern wooden floor house

Wooden floors can provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home. Especially for those who live in cold places. There’s nothing wrong with you using these natural objects to enhance your appearance and increase comfort in your home.

A house with a beautiful garden behind

Adding a garden behind the house with a two-room design also helps you have a powerful stress repellent green space. The existence of a garden and green space around the house does make the appearance of the house to be comfortable many times over. Home is the most important antidote to stress, although you are living in such a tiny house. Well, there’s nothing wrong with improving your 2 bedroom tiny house plans so that it no longer loses its benefits as a comfortable place for relieving stress.

The super minimalist model

There are many 2 bedroom tiny house plans that you can find on the Internet, but this one seems to be the most preferable design for those who live in a big city, where the price of land is very expensive. With this design, you have got two rooms, one living room, kitchen + dining table, and a bathroom. Remember, everything can be arranged, as long as you are smart enough to see the opportunities. In this case, you should put the kitchen into one room with a dining table. Do you want to make your kitchen look fancier? There’s nothing wrong with adding the pantry instead of the dining room.

A house which is narrower than its garden

There are also people who build their house narrower than gardens/yards. Adding a carport is also something you should think about if you have a vehicle, or at least intend to own a four-wheeled vehicle. If you want to build a very small house which is still cozy, the kitchen room does not only have to be placed inside the house. At present, to make it easier to reach the vegetables from your garden, the kitchen is placed at the back of the house. The existence of a garden in front of the kitchen also invites a sense of relaxation, especially when cooking.

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The 2 bedroom tiny house plans that we give are more suitable for you who only have one child. While for those of who have more than one, you should choose the design of a house with 3 bedrooms. To help you more about designing your tiny house, here we have some tips on how to make your tiny rooms look more spacious

Tips to make your house look more spacious

Do you know that there are tricks to maximize space and land in a small house so that it can look wider? What are they?

  • Bright Color Walls

You must have heard or read very often about how the bright colors of the paint will make a small room or seem more spacious. This classic way, indeed, works effectively. The architectural and interior design experts recommend white paint and other bright colors to be applied to a small room or house.

With bright colors, your house will look fresh, and bright. Applying dark colored paint to the room will make a room look more comfortable, but seem smaller.

  • Multifunctional furniture

Placing a cupboard and a table in a small space will actually make the room feel crowded. Why not use a desk with drawers or a multifunctional cabinet that can be used as a cabinet at the same time? Today, multifunctional tables are widely available on the market with varying prices.

  • Large Windows and Curtains

The large window will let the sunlight enter the house freely so that it changes the impression of a small house into a house that is spacious, bright, and open. With the help of curtains and large and high curtains, the ceiling will look taller and your small house will look wider vertically.

Here is sample design :